Practice groupEnvironment

Mannheimer Swartling’s environmental law specialists offer comprehensive environmental legal advice to industrial and energy production clients, as well as local and national authorities.

Mannheimer Swartling’s Environment practice provide environmental risk assessments in commercial transactions and are often involved in major infrastructure projects, working alongside colleagues specialised in construction, procurement and financing law.

The EU regulatory framework has given environmental law an additional dimension. By continuously monitoring legal developments within the EU, we offer our clients an insightful view of current proposals and decisions and their potential consequences.

Our environmental law specialists represent clients in e.g. the following types of matters:

  • Regulatory issues – permits and notifications under the Swedish Environmental Code, permits under nuclear safety and radiation protection laws, EU permits.
  • Operational issues – supervisory concerns, management of waste and by-products, chemical issues (REACH), Corporate Social Responsibility, workplace environment
  • Issues related to transactions – environmental due diligence, contaminated land, future permit renewals, risk assessments and risk management.
  • Sustainability - The contents of the chapter on Environment in OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises broadly corresponds to the principles and objectives of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Even the Swedish environmental code aims to achieve sustainable development and is thus not purely protective legislation. Sustainability is a natural and integral part of all our advice and litigation in the environmental field. However, guidelines can be difficult to apply in practice. 
  • Sustainability - Based on our long experience and deep knowledge of the specific environmental requirements placed on existing operations in Sweden, we are able to flesh out the guidelines with relevant and practical information for each individual company’s operations – in Sweden and around the world. We can help outline what aspects within sustainability constitute substantiated and reasonable boundaries with regard to energy production, supply of raw materials and transportation. Mannheimer Swartling assists in the establishment of internal and external documentation, such as ownership directives and outsourcing contracts, which a company needs to be able to implement guidelines in day–to-day operations.
  • Issues regarding disputes and infringement – e.g. contaminated land, environmental damages, compensation for infringement, redemption and expropriation.
  • Issues regarding EU and international environmental law – current and future EU legislation, actions before the European Court of Justice, international conventions and treaties.
  • Energy issues – climate change, emissions trading, projects under the Kyoto Protocol (CDM/JI) and other international agreements.
  • Land use – building permits and other issues regarding the Planning and Building Act, notification under the Heritage Conservation Act, protection of territory and species, requisitioning of land.
  • Compliance – violations of environment and work environment regulations, environmental fines and other sanctions.
  • Risk-related issues – risk assessments, risk management, insurance, etc.