Practice groupCorporate Sustainability and Risk Management

Mannheimer Swartling's Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management practice group offers consultative services on sustainability issues related to business law. Mannheimer Swartling views sustainability as an integrated, natural and value-creating part of our consultations in all business law practice areas. Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management is an overarching practice group, drawing on the firm's combined business law competence to provide consultation on sustainability issues. We also work actively with other practice groups to integrate sustainability awareness in all the firm's practice areas.

We assist our clients in complying with applicable regulations, managing risks and business opportunities based on the four main areas of the UN's Global Compact: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Our advice combines regulatory compliance with overall strategic advice on sustainability, including compliance with international guidelines and frameworks such as the UN's Global Compact, the OECD's guidelines for multinational companies, the UN's guiding principles for companies and human rights and the global targets for sustainable development as well as industry-specific guidelines. This integrated approach enables our clients to ensure regulatory compliance, to manage risks, to meet stakeholder expectations, to act in line with their own values and to achieve long-term value creation. Our approach is illustrated by the following image:

Process for long-term value creation

In addition to thorough knowledge on sustainability issues, the lawyers in the Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management practice group have experience from other practice groups and industries and a strong commercial focus. Our sustainability advice is further enhanced by Mannheimer Swartling's experience in non-European markets. Through our presence in and experience of e.g. Russia and China, we have gained special expertise and are able to act and advise our clients on how to act in important, and often complex foreign markets. Where we do not have offices, we work with our network of partners.

Our advice in the practice group Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management is divided into three main areas: (i) sustainability in the day-to-day operations, (ii) sustainability in transactions and (iii) investigations and crisis management. For further information on our consultation services in the respective areas, please click on the links below.

Sustainability in day-to-day operations

We help our clients to develop a proactive approach to compliance and risk management in their daily operations by providing advice on matters such as risk analysis; designing and implementing preventive measures; corporate governance; and regulatory requirements related to sustainability reporting.

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Sustainability in transactions

We assist clients in transaction contexts with sustainability due diligence and reviews in a wide range of industries, and we provide recommendations on how to manage identified risks within the scope of the specific transaction.

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Corporate investigations and crisis management

We assist companies and organisations within the private, public and non-profit sectors to investigate and manage potential or suspected errors, deviations, or irregularities in their operations.

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Strong support across the full spectrum of corporate investigations. Extensive expertise assisting clients with compliance concerns in areas such as anti-corruption, human rights, environment and labour conditions. Regularly handles corruption inquiries and risk management assignments both in Sweden and internationally. (Chambers Europe, 2016)

"When working with Mannheimer I always receive top advice and support. It is well resourced and the lawyers are very engaged with the client, very experienced and have great knowledge of international issues."  (Chambers Europe, 2016)

"These lawyers handle things very well; they do what we ask of them very professionally, respond within timelines and provide good memos. We are happy and confident with the firm's work." (Chambers Europe, 2016)