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Our clients operate in a rapidly changing business environment, which means their advisory needs are continuously changing. Our goal is to continuously develop the firm in order to meet our clients' shifting needs. By integrating sustainability into our corporate law advisory service in all areas of practice, we can create the highest possible long-term value for our clients.

Long-term thinking is about always being available, taking the initiative and being sensitive to our clients' challenges, thereby allowing us to offer the right solutions. By highlighting issues relating to human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption, we help our clients better manage the risks and business opportunities that are connected with sustainability.

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As legal advisers, we are expected to practice what we preach. Providing our employees with information and training is therefore a constant priority. We prioritise the utilisation of our employees' experiences and qualities and we are firmly convinced that greater diversity helps strengthens our organisation.

The firm's internal sustainability work is crucial for providing trustworthy advisory services to our clients and reflects the values that the firm has long represented. Every day, we do our utmost to use our knowledge, experience and contact networks to help contribute to progress at all levels.

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With our size and our role as a legal adviser comes a responsibility and an opportunity to influence and promote matters that are important, not only for our clients and ourselves, but also for the community at large. Mannheimer Swartling's role in the community is an important part of the firm's business and is defined by decency, responsibility, knowledge and commitment.

The firm is characterised by a work climate that encourages employees to devote their knowledge and time to social issues, thereby developing their expertise about the commercial significance of sustainability issues. In the day-to-day work, the firm plays a social role by providing legal services that maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

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SustainabilityMannheimer Swartling’s sustainability work

We take pride in our strong corporate culture and our time-honoured core values – quality, strong commercial focus and team spirit. For many years we have systematically addressed issues on equality, work environment, environmental law, anti-corruption, insider regulation, etc. and have adopted a number of internal policies in these areas.

To outline our expectations of our staff, we have prepared a Code of Conduct. In addition to outlining our existing expectations, the code also clarifies our approach to respecting human rights and other issues.

Please read our Code of Conduct here.
Please read our Supplier Code of Conduct here.