We firmly believe that the greatest opportunity we have to achieve a more sustainable world lies in what we do best – business law. Achieving change demands that we lead by example, and accept social responsibility for what we are capable of influencing. We like to describe our approach to sustainability by reference to three integrated areas – our client services, internally within the firm and in society.

Our legal services are the core of the firm’s business and it’s here that we can advance a range of issues, from climate and other environmental risks to reasonable working conditions at suppliers, human rights, consumer protection and product safety, and corporate governance. We want to continue to play our part in the transition to an economy that creates value for both the stakeholders of today as well as those of future generations.

Internally within the firm we focus on industry and operational issues such as ethics, inclusiveness, gender equality and climate-smart practices.

In society, we are committed to helping selected organisations, and we work pro bono with the hopes of supporting their important contributions to a sustainable society.