Industry sectorInfrastructure and Construction

Mannheimer Swartling is a leading adviser to the private and public sectors in Sweden on infrastructure, construction and other major projects.

Mannheimer Swartling’s Infrastructure and Construction group advises on the full spectrum of infrastructure and construction, including everything from the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in the country to commercial property developments and investments in manufacturing plants and other industrial assets.

During the last two decades, we have been involved in almost all of the largest infrastructure projects in Sweden, including, among others, the Öresund Bridge, the Stockholm-Arlanda Rail Link, the Malmö City Tunnel, the Hallandsås Tunnel, the Botnia Rail Link and a majority of SL’s projects in the Stockholm region. We are also regularly engaged as advisers when other major buildings and facilities are constructed. We are advisers to the employer in the Nya Karolinska Hospital Project outside Stockholm, which is the largest on-going construction project in Sweden, and to Facebook on its data centre project in Luleå, the largest data centre in Europe. Our recent projects also include power plants, wastewater treatment plants, pipelines, car manufacturing plants, mines, hotels, football stadiums, research facilities, and ports terminals.

We have extensive experience in PPP projects (public-private partnerships). We have advised the public party in all the major PPP projects in Sweden to date. We have also been adviser in several PPP projects abroad. This has allowed us to build a unique position among Swedish law firms when it comes to PPP projects.

We assist clients in all phases of a project and on all legal aspects of a project:

Project preparations: We assist in strategic discussions. How should the project be structured? This may include issues such as financing, tax structure, contract structure, procurement method and project insurance. Which permits are required? We represent in permit procedures under the Environmental Code and special legislation. We also advise on zoning plans and building permits.

Procurement and contracts: We advise on procurement and on contract drafting and negotiations. We create contracts that promote co-operation and tools for the avoidance of disputes. We work regularly with all the standard contract forms used in the Swedish construction business and have substantial experience of all the major international forms of contract. We also develop tailor made contracts for specific projects.

Project implementation: We assist clients with day-to-day advise and education during the implementation of the project. We help our clients to prevent disputes but assist with tools and methods to ensure the client is well prepared if disputes do arise.