StudentMannheimer Swartling Training Programme

Mannheimer Swartling Training Programme is an educational programme for law students who are looking to broaden their studies with a practical dimension. The programme is designed to deepen your knowledge within various fields of law and give you first-hand experience of the work of a business law firm.

The programme is well suited for those who want to complement their theoretical studies with practical assignments and practice cases relating to negotiation techniques, legal English, project management and rhetorics.

During five full days, you will be taken through the following syllabus.

Sustainable legal solutions
During the day, we discuss what a business lawyer can do to meet clients' ever-changing demands and requirements with regard to sustainable legal solutions. While focusing on matters such as human rights, working conditions, environmental issues and anti-corruption, we address how to avoid and manage risks and identify business opportunities.

Business intelligence
Both within the business world and in our society at large, change happens faster than ever. This continuous development requires business lawyers to adopt a perspective beyond the scope of what is purely legal. During the day, we turn our attention to macro trends and political developments around the world.

Company acquisitions – from offer to closing
During this part of the training programme we take a closer look at negotiation techniques and project management. In addition, we go through the structure of a company acquisition agreement and do some practical due diligence work.

Successful dispute resolution
For two days of training, we focus on the initial phase of effective dispute resolution. You will i.a. learn more about analysing agreement documentation and email correspondence, witness interviews and reviewing asset investigations.

About the programme
Mannheimer Swartling Training Programme is a valuable opportunity for law students in Sweden undertaking their fifth to ninth term during the autumn of 2019. The programme comprises five full days, starting in September 2019. Participants will receive diplomas at a certification ceremony in December 2019. Applications will be accepted through from February 2019. Admission notices can be expected in May. We accept a limited number of participants. The language of the educational programme is Swedish.