StudentMannheimer Swartling Training Programme

Mannheimer Swartling Training Programme is an educational programme for law students who are looking to broaden their studies with a practical dimension. The programme is designed to deepen your knowledge within various fields of law and give you first-hand experience of the work of a business law firm.

The programme is well suited for those who want to complement their theoretical studies with practical assignments and practice cases relating to negotiation techniques, legal English, project management and rhetorics.

About the programme
Mannheimer Swartling Training Programme is a valuable opportunity for law students in Sweden undertaking their fifth to ninth term during the autumn of 2020. The programme comprises five full days, starting in September 2020. Participants will be certified with diplomas in November 2020.

Applications will be accepted at from February 2020. Admission notices can be expected in May. We accept a limited number of participants. The language of the educational programme is Swedish.