To be or not to be a lawyer? At Mannheimer Swartling there are many career opportunities – not just for law graduates, but in other areas of our organisation. We always strive to recruit, develop and retain the best people.

Whether you are a lawyer or whether you are joining the firm in another capacity, your efforts directly or indirectly impact the advice we deliver to clients. Our employees work closely together every day on client matters and internal firm projects. The work of every group reflects the firm’s core values of team spirit, quality and business focus. Please feel free to read more about the various operational areas of the firm.

Career opportunities at the firm

Business lawyer

As a lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling, you will provide legal advice in one of the firm’s practice or sector groups. You will work to understand each client’s business and use your legal skills to find the very best solutions in order to deliver the client’s objectives. For further information about your career opportunities as a lawyer, visit Career.

Compliance and Risk

The Compliance and Risk department deals with compliance, ethical issues and internal complaints. You may be involved in due diligence work before the firm accepts new engagements and clients. The team also produces, develops and evaluates the results of new policies, as well as ethical rules and procedures. For more information about career opportunities in Compliance and Risk, contact Karin Faxén Ågrup.


In the IT department, you will assist in the operation and development of the firm’s IT infrastructure. This work is both strategic and operational, and the department’s responsibilities include IT security, telephony, video conferencing and other systems. For more information about career opportunities in IT, contact Peter Coyet.


Working in the Finance department involves the firm’s financial affairs, accounting and reporting. The Finance department is represented at all offices and works in strategic and operational capacities. Responsibilities also include budgeting and financial planning. For more information about career opportunities with the Finance department, contact Åsa Alm.


The Knowledge department handles the firm’s libraries and information databases, as well as other tools that streamline work and enhance the quality of operations.  For more information about career opportunities within our Knowledge department, contact Martin Ericsson.


In the Innovation department, you will work with MSA Innovation Lab, which drives the firm’s innovation efforts. In particular, the department works with generative AI and with identifying and investing in other new technology, the improvement of workflows and the promotion of innovative technological solutions. Additionally, MSA Innovation Lab also houses a legal tech incubator, within which we share our knowledge and experience with businesses we consider to have the potential to transform the legal industry. For more information about career opportunities in Innovations, please contact Natalie Lorin.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department plays an important role in the development and management of the Mannheimer Swartling brand. The team is responsible for various marketing and communications acitvities – both strategically and operationally, internally and externally. This includes everything from planning and coordinating events to digital communication, PR, business development and strategy work. For more information about career opportunities in Marketing and Communications, contact Helena Carlquist.


In the HR department, you will work with recruitment, employee development and employer branding. HR has both an operational and a strategic dimension and involves close interaction with partners and other employees of the firm. For more information about career opportunities in HR, contact Karin Mendel.


Facility Management

The firm offers support roles in various operational areas. Facility Management includes reception, conference, office supplies and maintenance, archiving, as well as evening and weekend support for a number of key functions in our day-to-day operations. For more information about career opportunities in Facility Management, contact Susanne Hylstofte.

Meet some of our people

Cornelia Ekelund
Billling Manager

I received a master’s in business and economics from Lund University and began working as Billing Coordinator at the firm’s Malmö office just before Christmas 2014. In spring 2017 I moved to Stockholm, where I was able to continue working as Billing Coordinator, which was great. I now work as a Billing Manager, and also supervise our billing group. Much of our work involves reports and analyses of profitability and key figures, and our two main tasks each year are to prepare the budget for the following year, and naturally also to draw up the closing accounts. A typical day begins with a to-do list. By the time the day is over the list will have been revised several times over – but that’s what makes the job so interesting. Issues, large and small, pop up the whole time. One of the best things about the firm is the Pure Lockstep culture. No one wins by riding on the back of someone else, and this culture of sharing permeates the whole firm.

Mattias Hallgren
Process and System Delivery Manager

I joined Mannheimer Swartling in April 2019, having previously worked as an IT consultant and in the banking sector. My role was partially new, and I was given a big say in defining it. The work is very varied, which I appreciate. As head of systems I’m responsible for developing and maintaining solutions that meet our operational needs. I also work on processes and work flows to rationalise working methods and automate some parts of our work. There’s a broad span of digital solutions at the firm, and a widespread willingness to embrace them. The speed with which ideas at the firm are put into practice was amply demonstrated by the transition to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. We swiftly developed digital solutions to replace physical meetings, which was greatly appreciated by the firm’s clients. We work with continuous improvement and I’m very pleased to be a part of that.


Mannheimer Swartling’s most important assets are its people. We are a large team with as wide a diversity of interests and motivations as there are opportunities to develop at the firm. Do you want to join us?


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