What are your recruitment needs?
We recruit approximately 50 lawyers a year to our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

When should I apply?
You can apply to us at any time. We have new lawyers starting every three months.

What types of lawyers do you look for?
We are interested in talented lawyers with a strong interest in business law and the potential for consultancy roles. Your personality and your qualifications are equally important to us. We also want you to share our core values: quality, business focus, team spirit.

How important are grades?
Grades are important and are a key criterion in our initial selection process when we decide who will be shortlisted for a preliminary interview. But this is just one factor we consider throughout the recruitment process. In deciding whether you will do well with us, we attach great importance to your personal traits and whether you share our values.

How do you assess an application?
We make an overall appraisal based on the form and content of your application documents, what you have done alongside your studies and how you describe yourself as a person.

Which advanced courses do you think I should take if I want to work with you?
Pick whatever you enjoy and find interesting. Your choice of advanced courses will not decide whether you have a future with us.

Do you offer research internships?
No, we do not offer research internships.

When is the intake for your Summer Trainee Programme?
Our Summer Trainee Programme is announced on our website in early November each year.

When does the Summer Trainee Programme start?
The Summer Trainee Programme starts in early June and lasts for six weeks until mid/late July.

How many Summer Trainee positions do you offer?
We have 35 Summer Trainee places at our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Do you offer internships?
Law students at Lund University can spend their fifth-term compulsory work experience week at our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Do you offer scholarships?
The Foundation "Stiftelsen Avstamp för Juridiska Studier", which is affiliated with Mannheimer Swartling through one of the firm's partners, offers a scholarship of SEK 10,000 to a person from a non-academic family enrolled in the Law Programme at one of the universities in Sweden. Follow this link for more information.

Do you employ lawyers who have qualified in other countries?
We do occasionally employ lawyers who have qualified in other countries. Those we take on usually possess skills we believe will be an asset in our international work.

What is the workload for a lawyer at your firm?
This varies greatly and depends on the cases and projects in which the lawyer is involved. It is not usually the number of hours that our lawyers find challenging, it is managing the unpredictability and uneven workflow that the consultant role entails.