Support organisationA wide range of skills is important to the whole firm

Administrative Support
To offer our clients the best possible service and advice, we have a top-quality support organisation working closely with our associates. One Administrative Support role is that of junior assistant.

The firm's Finance department is represented at all offices and works in strategic and operational capacities on budgeting, financial planning and accounting. The Finance department is also responsible for the firm's internal finances, budget, accounting and book-keeping.

The HR department is represented at all the firm's Swedish offices. Its staff also provide support to our offices abroad. The department works closely with partners and associates, practice groups, sector groups and support functions on strategic development and operational HR issues.

Our approach to sustainability has three focus areas: advising clients, internal sustainability and Mannheimer Swartling as a whole. Our Sustainability department strives to promote the firm's work in all these areas.

The IT department is responsible for operating and developing the firm's IT infrastructure in collaboration with the firm's IT committee. The department is also responsible for IT security, telecommunications, videoconferencing and other systems.

Facilities Management
The firm's Office Services organisation provides business support. The department includes reception, conferencing, housekeeping, archiving and night/weekend support.

Training and Knowledge Management
The Training and Knowledge Management department is in charge of training, knowledge management and business development for the firm as a whole. The department is responsible for managing and developing the intranet, knowledge databases and other tools and services to improve the efficiency of our work and the quality of our business.

Quality and Risk Management
The firm's Quality and Risk Management department has central responsibility at the firm for ethical issues, regulatory compliance and complaints management. The department is responsible for preparing, developing and communicating internal policies, ethical rules and procedures, and for evaluating their sustainability.

Marketing and Communications
The Marketing and Communications department is in charge of external market communications. The department also supports the firm's internal communications and arranges many of the firm's client seminars, conferences and internal events. In addition, the department promotes the firm's business development initiatives.