StudentsThe Swedish Legal Championships

The competition is organised by the association of the Swedish Legal Championships, SSJM, a non-profit organisation founded by the law societies at Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Örebro, Lund and Umeå.

Who will be the next Swedish Legal Champion?
The Swedish Legal Championships is a nationwide moot competition before a Swedish court. Law students from the Universities of Uppsala, Stockholm, Lund, Örebro, Gothenburg, Umeå and Karlstad are invited to take part. Besides the chance to win SEK 10,000 and a trip to Shanghai, it gives participants an opportunity to acquire court experience and demonstrate their knowledge and advocacy skills.

How it works
In the first part, teams of two people compete against other teams at the same university. Each team is tasked with presenting a written submission in a fictional case devised by Supreme Court Judge Svante O. Johansson. A jury of judges, lawyers and researchers pick the six best submissions in each location. The selected teams then plead their case in a local final before the same jury. The best team from each university represents it in the national final at the Supreme Court.

The National Final
In the national final, a new fictional case is presented by Svante O. Johansson. The finalists from each university are divided into either claimant or defendant teams. The final takes place at the Supreme Court; oral submissions are made before a jury of Justices. The competitive element of the national final is based solely on the oral submissions, and teams do not present any written statements other than to enter their claims. The national final is where you and your team will show whether you are worthy of the title “Swedish Champion of Law”. Claimant and defendant teams from different universities meet in three moot proceedings.

Once the dust has settled, the jury identifies the best claimant team, the best defendant team and the best university. The best claimant and defendant teams each win SEK 10,000 in addition to the title and honour. A trophy is awarded to the university whose two teams receive the highest combined points total from the jury. As a further bonus, Mannheimer Swartling awards a special case prize of a trip to Shanghai to one person for an outstanding performance.

Banquet and Awards Ceremony
The day of the final concludes with everyone friends again. In an amicable setting, contestants, judges and staff all enjoy dinner and the awards ceremony.

Who can compete?
To take part, you must be enrolled on the law programme at Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Örebro, Lund, Umeå or Karlstad University. At least two of the three team members should be taking a procedural law course, or have enrolled to do so. These are the formal requirements. The competition demands a great deal of your ability to argue on your client’s behalf – your written and oral arguments must be incisive. But you aren’t fighting alone. You compete in a team with another person from the same location. Remember, the best team isn’t one where you and your teammate know the same thing, but one where you complement each other. We recommend you nominate a back-up person in case one of you is unable to compete.

How do I sign up?
Go to the Swedish Legal Championships website at to read more.


  • 2019 Gothenburg
  • 2018 Uppsala
  • 2017 Lund
  • 2016 Lund
  • 2015 Umeå
  • 2014 Stockholm
  • 2013 Uppsala
  • 2012 Lund
  • 2011 Stockholm
  • 2010 Göteborg


  • 2009 Uppsala
  • 2008 Uppsala
  • 2007 Göteborg
  • 2006 Lund