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Offering the best solutions today – and simultaneously anticipating tomorrow’s needs. Nurturing an environment where innovation meets tradition. Maintaining an unrelenting focus on the best interests of our clients, in Sweden and around the world. This is how we aim to bolster our leading position in the Nordic region.

Our clients operate in a world that is undergoing rapid transformation and their needs for advice are constantly changing. Our goal is to continually develop our firm to meet their evolving needs. Our clients appreciate our ability to adapt our advice to market and regulatory changes – a prerequisite for the sustainability and success of their business.

There are certain principles we never compromise on, such as quality and sustainability. We aim to always deliver the highest quality in everything we do while constantly renewing and driving developments in business law. Sustainability means to take a long-term approach and always be accessible for our clients; to take initiatives and be responsive; and to understand their business and propose solutions. This is how we identify opportunities to develop our services and add value through the advice we provide.

To create the highest possible long-term value for our clients, we take a systematic approach to the integration of sustainability as a part of our business law advice. We help our clients adhere to their own values and manage risks and business opportunities connected to human rights, terms of employment, the environment and anti-corruption.

Mannheimer Swartling’s sustainability efforts are divided into three parts: sustainability in advice to clients, internal sustainability work and Mannheimer Swartling in Society, which includes the firm’s pro bono work in all its manifestations. The three parts have their own goals and rest on strategies that have been set based on the firms values. Our sustainability work aims to create long-term value for our clients, our firm and society at large.

SustainabilityMannheimer Swartling’s sustainability work

As a law firm, we benefit people and the environment the most when we help our clients manage risks and business opportunities linked to sustainability. We do this by addressing issues such as human rights, labour 

conditions, the environment and anti-corruption in our business law advice, namely by helping our clients adhere to their own values and use their sustainability efforts to create commercially sustainable value.

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Our firm’s internal sustainability work must at least be at the same level as our client’s sustainability efforts; this is a prerequisite for our advice to clients about sustainability and other business law matters to be credible. But it is also a way of aligning our actions with our own distinct values of long-term thinking and team spirit.

The firm’s internal sustainability efforts belong to three main areas: employees and organisation, ethics and regulatory compliance and internal environmental work. 

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An integrated part of the firm’s sustainability efforts is Mannheimer Swartling in Society – efforts that originate in the firm’s core values. It involves decency and responsibility, knowledge and commitment and a connection to the firm’s business operations. This means that the firm contributes knowledge and commitment to projects that involve issues that fall within the scope of the Global Compact’s ten principles in four different areas – human rights, labour conditions, the environment and anti-corruption.

These projects have a clear link to the firm’s operations, are based on pro bono efforts that cover as wide a group of employees as possible and are intended to lead to our employees also developing their knowledge of and commitment to societal issues. Mannheimer Swartling in Society is not a way for the firm to do good for good’s sake, and it does it not involve sponsorships or financial aid, either. The firm does not get involved in pro bono projects that involve individuals.

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We pride ourselves on our strong corporate culture and on the core values we adopted long ago – quality, business focus, and team spirit. We have long worked systematically on issues related to equality, the work environment, the environment, anti-corruption, insider regulation, etc. and we have adopted a number of internal policies within these areas.

This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have on our employees. It is designed to set out our existing expectations as well as the firm's position on its responsibility to respect human rights.

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