We use various digital tools to streamline our legal service and maximise value for our clients. Below are examples of our digital tools and how we use them.

Digital collaboration platforms and virtual data rooms

By using MSA Collaborate we can offer seamless collaboration, more effective advice, and better project management and information sharing. The service also gives access to cost-effective and user-friendly virtual data rooms used for transactions.

Litigation Research and Analysis (eDiscovery)

Luminance is an AI-driven discovery platform that the firm’s lawyers use in disputes to streamline their work. By using the tool, we can rapidly filter through vast amounts of data and identify relevant information, which is usually a very time-consuming task.

Contract automation

Automating the production of, for instance, a first draft of an agreement, improves the quality of the documents and helps the firm’s lawyers to be more efficient. In some cases, clients themselves use the tool to generate a customised execution version in a matter of minutes.


E-signing is used for the execution of agreements and documents throughout the firm to make the signing process easier for all parties by reducing the need for physical meetings and printing.