Mannheimer Swartling’s Annual Report 2022

2022 was a tragic year in many ways. Circumstances which we previously took for granted were suddenly threatened. Peace, which had long ensured security and development in our part of the world. Globalisation, and the steady growth and prosperity that stability had generated.

Law plays a central role in maintaining peace and stability. Human rights, the rule of law, justice and trust are fundamental. The events of 2022 therefore especially concern us lawyers. At Mannheimer Swartling, we remain optimistic about the role of law in ensuring peaceful, free and open societies. And we still believe in the incredible opportunities that follow. We are therefore convinced that the stability that we previously took for granted will ultimately prevail.

Until we get there, however, we cannot ignore the tragedies that have occurred. First and foremost, of course, are all those who have suffered from Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. The consequences of the invasion have been far-reaching, affecting many of us in different ways. On 25 February – the day after the invasion, we took the decision to close down Mannheimer Swartling’s operations in Russia, as a direct result. Developments in Iran also concerned us and we felt it was important to put out a statement condemning the Iranian regime’s aggression against its people. We saw it as our duty, as lawyers, to stand up for the rule of law. And this situation was especially significant given that many of our staff and clients have their roots in Iran.

While 2022 was an intensive year, Mannheimer Swartling’s employees delivered fantastic results. Our goal – whatever the circumstances and in everything we do – is always to deliver the very highest quality service. Ultimately, this is made possible by our unique “we” culture. We are 600 employees with different opinions and backgrounds, but we share three fundamental values of quality, business focus and team spirit. Together, we continue to develop the highest quality business law advice at the most attractive law firm.

Despite the dark and troubling events of the past year, we are looking forward to 2023. Not least because we know that lawyers can contribute to a better world when we set to work and dare to take a stand. We lawyers can make a difference. And we will do so when necessary.

You are welcome to read our annual report here.


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