June 20, 2019 - Assignment

FC Sun Intressenter has acquired 58.5 percent of the shares in SBC Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum

On 11 April 2019 FC Sun Intressenter AB announced that the company had acquired 56.8 percent of the shares and votes in SBC Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB (SBC). Following a public cash offer FC Sun Intressenter now holds 58.5 percent of the shares and votes in SBC.

SBC Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB is one of Sweden's leading companies in management services for condominiums. SBC offers full services in financial management, technical management, redevelopment and renovation project management and legal expertise. The shares in SBC are listed on NGM Equity since November 2007.

FC Sun Intressenter is indirectly owned by Realsolv Holdco AB, a company co-owned by founders of the Realsolv group and with Fidelio Capital as principal owner.

FC Sun Intressenter was advised by Mannheimer Swartling in the transactions.