About the firmJoining forces for every client

We improve more together – and have more fun

We are convinced that we do a better job together. And that the best way to guarantee the highest level of quality for our clients is to cooperate and place the firm's combined expertise at the disposal of each individual client. That conviction forms the foundation of our business model, Pure Lockstep, which entails all success benefiting the firm as a whole, rather than the individual. The model promotes knowledge sharing and boundary-free co-operation between colleagues, practice groups and offices. It is also our principal tool for ensuring that each client is guaranteed the best possible counsel. In brief, Pure Lockstep means that the results of the firm's operations are shared equally between the partners and that the compensation paid to the firm's other lawyers is based solely on experience. The background to this is our conviction that we can together add considerably greater value to our clients. The model leads to a generous and status-free corporate culture, in which knowledge is shared and disseminated. The model is also based on our three core values – team spirit, quality and business focus. Many of the firm's employees underscore the key importance of our culture to their enjoyment in working here.