Mannheimer Swartling in the CommunityPro bono

The firm’s commitment to societal issues goes under the term – Mannheimer Swartling in the Community. With our size and our role as a legal adviser comes a responsibility and an opportunity to influence and promote matters that are important, not only for our clients and ourselves, but also for the community at large.

An integral part of Mannheimer Swartling in the Community is the firm’s strategic Pro-bono initiatives, where we cooperate with a number of our business partners. We want to contribute to the community, locally as well as globally. We do that by contributing with our knowledge and commitment in accordance with the Global Compact’s ten principles within the fields of human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption. We are proud to be partner to a number of organisations and projects, where we contribute as well as receive knowledge, experience and engagement in return.

Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for justice)
Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for Justice) is a foundation that stands up for the individual by pursuing litigation and participate in the debate concerning individual fundamental rights. Centre for Justice examines maladministration and informs individuals of their rights and acts as attorneys in legal proceedings. This concerns cases where the affected individual lacks knowledge about their rights or the financial resources to claim them. The tool utilised in its work is the legal protection for fundamental and free rights that are found in the constitution, European Convention and EU law. The firm contributes with legal advice. This work is led by Kristoffer Löf and Robin Oldenstam.

Global Compact Network Sweden
Global Compact Network Sweden (GCNS) is the national network under the UN Global Compact - the world's largest business initiative for sustainability. The Swedish network constitutes a neutral, national platform for networks and organisations that work for a sustainable society. GCNS acts as a link between Swedish member organisations and Global Compact's global network, in order to accelerate the exchange of sustainable solutions, tools and initiatives. GCNS promotes and assists with knowledge, practical guidance and exchange of experience on the Global Compact's 10 basic principles. The firm is represented on the board and contributes with legal advice. The work is led by Andreas Steen and Sara Bengtson.

Norrsken Foundation
The Norrsken Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a strong belief in altruism. It supports and invests in both companies and non-profit organisations that are working on solving societal challenges using innovation and scalable technology. Every investment the Norrsken Foundation makes has altruistic elements but differ in likelihood of financial returns. The essence of their business strategy is to optimise for both people and planet with new technology to make profit to enable further investments. The firm contributes with legal advice and this work is led by Johan Frost Bergman and Fredrik Lundegårdh.

Race for the Baltic
Race For The Baltic is a non-profit foundation with a mission to improve the health of the Baltic Sea. The Foundation works on cost-effective solution driven projects that have the greatest potential to decrease excess nutrients in the Baltic Sea. In order to accelerate concrete action and projects, Race For The Baltic has launched the Baltic Sea City Accelerator, a programme designed to equip municipalities with a business approach and tools to implement local water projects. The firm is represented at all board meetings and contributes to legal advice. This work is led by Tomas Johansson, who is also Chairman of Race For The Baltic Insamlingsstiftelse, and Matilda Rosenquist. 

Smarta samtal
Smarta Samtal is a foundation that enables a forum for discussion on societal issues and allows for challenging and gripping discussions across borders that can promote initiative and empower decision-making. The aim of the foundation is to deepen and variegate the public debate on relevant issues and to contribute with knowledge and creative solutions. Smarta Samtal organises and moderates discussions with opinion makers from the business sector, politics, academia and civil society for discussions on societal issues with curiosity, courage and respect. The purpose is to encourage independent thought and to safeguard a democratic and open society. The firm contributes with legal advice and this work is led by Jan Dernestam.

SOS Children's Villages
SOS Children’s Villages is one of the world’s largest organisations working for children’s rights. The organisation builds and drives villages, schools, social centres, medical clinics and family strengthening programmes all around the world. With these long-term initiatives, SOS Children’s Villages aim is that no child should have to grow up alone. Mannheimer Swartling contributes with legal advice and financial support of the operations of SOS Children’s Villages. We also have a grant-matching programme for the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages, which means that the firm matches all employee contributions to the organisation. As of 2010, the firm’s Christmas gift is also donated to SOS Children’s Villages. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Hans Petersson and Matilda Abrahamsson.

Öppet Hus (Open House)
Öppet Hus is a non-profit association that, through mentoring programmes, promotes, supports and encourages young people to work and pursue further education. The association works to induce belief in the future and motivation in young adults with foreign background that are yet to take the first step into the labour market. Through their mentorship programme, participants are provided with internships, summer placements and longer employment. In addition to the mentorship programme, the association also plans activities such as study visits, CV practice, student counselling and inspirational lectures. The firm acted as an adviser during the establishment of the association and has had a secretary position on the board ever since. Moreover, the firm contributes with legal advice and with mentors. This work is led by Emma Olnäs Fors, who is the secretary of the board for Open House, and by Azra Skorupan.