May 7, 2019 - News about the firm

Mannheimer Swartling joins the Breakit Impact Challenge

Mannheimer Swartling stepped up its continuous environmental efforts earlier this spring, and initiated a full analysis of our climate footprint with the help of external consultants. The process will result in a concrete strategy with clear climate and environmental targets. We are also investigating the possibility of measuring and remedying any indirect negative effects of our legal advice. In addition, the firm is now joining the Breakit Impact Challenge, a digital bootcamp aimed at making the new business sector climate smart. This means that we will take five steps of training with associated challenges for 30 days.

"For many years, we have prioritized and continuously developed our environmental work, and we recently intensified our efforts even further. The Breakit Impact Challenge serves as an extra engine for that purpose. We are happy to take on the challenge", says Jan Dernestam, Managing Partner at Mannheimer Swartling.

"Sustainability is an integral part of our business. An initiative like this increases the commitment we see daily among our employees. It also raises the climate issue on a broader front. That is definitely something we want to be a part of", says Emma Ihre, Head of Sustainability at Mannheimer Swartling".

Here you can read more about the Breakit Impact Challenge.
Here you can read more about Mannheimer Swartling's efforts to reduce its negative environmental impact.

For more information, please contact Jan Dernestam, Managing Partner (+46 709 777 348) or Helena Sjöholm, Head of Marketing and Communications (+46 709 777 934).