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An integrated part of the firm’s sustainability efforts is Mannheimer Swartling in Society – efforts that originate in the firm’s core values. It involves decency and responsibility, knowledge and commitment and a connection to the firm's business operations. This means that the firm contributes knowledge and commitment to projects that involve issues that fall within the scope of the Global Compact's ten principles in four different areas – human rights, labour conditions, the environment and anti-corruption.

These projects have a clear link to the firm’s operations, are based on pro bono efforts that cover as wide a group of employees as possible and are intended to lead to our employees also developing their knowledge of and commitment to societal issues. Mannheimer Swartling in Society is not a way for the firm to do good for good’s sake, and it does it not involve sponsorships or financial aid, either. The firm does not get involved in pro bono projects that involve individuals.

Overarching goals

  • To share Mannheimer Swartlings unique skills and experience with the community.
  • To use this sharing of knowledge and experiences to increase the firms and the employees’ knowledge and commitment to societal issues and thereby create even more value in our advice to clients.

Activities planned for 2015–2016

  • Evaluate existing projects within the scope of Mannheimer Swartling in Society in the context of new criteria and the working method launched through the new working procedure.
  • Continuously evaluate new applications within the framework of the new application processas laid down in the new working procedure.
  • Annual evaluations and follow-up on each project regarding resources, the distribution of the employees’ commitments to various projects and the projects ability to deliver in accordance with its undertakings and purposes.
  • To encourage as wide a commitment as possible among employees in the various projects that fall within Mannheimer Swartling in Society, the firm shall actively promote clear and written instructions that clarify the expectations on the employees involved this work and how such work is to be valued internally.


Mannheimer Swartling journeys to Mozambique with SOS Children’s VillagesMannheimer Swartling journeys to Mozambique with SOS Children's Villages

"If we are to be credible when providing clients advice on issues relating to sustainability, we should know what we are talking about. It is also important for us to be engaged. Continue reading...