March 11, 2010 - Assignment

Sweden’s forestry industry introduces service agreement standard

Mannheimer Swartling has advised representatives from Sweden’s forestry industry on developing a service agreement standard for the sector, “Allmänna Bestämmelser för Skogsentreprenader, ABSE 09” (“General Provisions for Forestry Contractors”). The introduction of a standardized services agreement, such as those commonly found in the power industry and construction businesses, is a first for the forestry industry.

Leading actors from Sweden’s forestry industry participating in the project included representatives from Holmen, Korsnäs, Mellanskog, Norr skogsägarna, Norrskog, SCA, SMF Skogsentreprenörerna, Skogssällskapet and Sveaskog. The project commenced in 2007 and was administrated by Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) which is the central research body for the Swedish forestry sector. The agreement is designed to be applicable to various activities carried out in the forestry services sector, among others, hauling, fuel removal, clearing, regeneration, soil preparation and fertilization.

Mannheimer Swartling’s team advising on the matter included primarily Ola Ihse and Klas Wennström.