July 29, 2014 - Assignment

SL acquires a new depot for commuter trains

Stockholm Transport (SL) has entered into an agreement with Jernhusen AB (publ) pursuant to which Jernhusen has been assigned the responsibility to acquire land, plan, build, operate, maintain and finance a new depot for commuter rail services in Stockholm. The depot will be leased to SL for a period of 25 years. SL also has the right, under the conditions specified in the agreement, to acquire the depot and associated land. The total contract value is approximately SEK 6.1 billion and is composed of an investment for the depot amounting to approximately SEK 2 billion and an annual lease of approximately SEK 165 million.

Jernhusen owns, develops and manages a portfolio of stations, station facilities, maintenance depots and freight terminals along the Swedish railway. Jernhusen is owned by the Swedish state and has approximately 240 employees. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a real estate portfolio amounting to 187 properties, with a total market value of SEK 11.1 billion.

SL is owned by the Stockholm County Council and has an overall responsibility that all individuals living in or visiting Stockholm County should have access to extensive, easily accessible and reliable public transport. Nearly 800 000 people travel with SL every day.

SL was advised by Mannheimer Swartling in the matter. The firm’s team was led by Martin Pekkari assisted primarily by John Harlevi and Jenny Wärmé. Johan Carle was responsible for procurement issues and was assisted mainly by Johanna Jonsson. Thomas Pettersson was responsible for financing matters.