September 4, 2012 - News about the firm

Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Mannheimer Swartling human rights seminar for practicising lawyers celebrates fifth anniversary

“Developing a Human Rights Tool Box”, a week-long course in human rights for practising lawyers developed by Mannheimer Swartling in co-operation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year with a session from 3-7 September at the firm’s office in Malmö.

This collaboration merges Mannheimer Swartling’s broad legal experience and expertise with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s experience in developing co-operation and expertise in international systems for the protection of human rights.

Unique to this year’s “anniversary” edition of the session, is that all of participants are returning alumni. They have been invited to reunite for a follow-up session to review the course and share their experiences in applying the “Tool Box” in their efforts around the world. In addition, the participants will engage in workshops, attend lectures and visit Swedish institutions such as the Court of first instance in Malmö.

This year’s participants include 13 international practising lawyers from a number of jurisdictions around the globe, e.g. Kenya, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, as well as a number of lawyers from Mannheimer Swartling’s offices in Sweden. Over 55 lawyers from 22 countries and four continents have participated in Mannheimer Swartling’s and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s annual one-week seminar on human rights, in the four years since it was launched in 2008.