February 17, 2009 - Assignment

Merger of Kreab and Gavin Anderson

Mannheimer Swartling has together with the US law firm Davis & Gilbert assisted the global communications group Omnicom Group Inc. (owner of Gavin Anderson) in the merger of the Kreab group and the Gavin Anderson group into Kreab Gavin Anderson, a worldwide specialist financial, corporate and public affairs communications firm. Mannheimer Swartling was primarily responsible for matters relating to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Belgium.

Partner in charge was Niklas Bogefors and the project manager was Lucas Jonsson, primarily assisted by Hans Abrahamsson, Fredrik Livendahl, Annika Estreen, Sara Nordlund, Kajsa Nilsson and Madeleine Claesson. Martin Nilsson was partner in charge of tax related matters, assisted by Vilhelm Mann. Thomas Kaiser-Stockmann and Kirstin Ulrich was in charge of certain corporate matters in relation to Germany.