February 24, 2009 - News about the firm

Mannheimer Swartling to advise UN on business and human rights

Mannheimer Swartling will together with fourteen leading corporate law firms from around the world participate in a UN-led effort to identify whether and how national corporate law principles and practices currently foster corporate cultures respectful of human rights.

A total of some 40 jurisdictions will be explored, chosen in order to ensure a broad geographical spread and a mix of common law, civil law and other legal traditions, as well as reflecting the expertise of the law firms involved.

Mannheimer Swartling is represented by Michael Karlsson, partner in M&A and responsible for the firms pro-bono acitivities.

"This is extraordinarily important work," said Karlsson. "The relationship between corporate law and human rights remains poorly understood. Corporate law, like other policy domains that shape business practice, traditionally has been kept separate from human rights concerns. Yet recent developments suggest that regulators are beginning to link corporate governance with management of social, environmental and ethical impacts, including human rights.