June 18, 2019 - News about the firm

Mannheimer Swartling in Almedalen

Mannheimer Swartling will be on Gotland, Sweden, 30 June-7 July, participating in roundtable and panel discussions in Almedalen. The annual "Almedalen Week" is a democratic meeting place designed to promote dialogue, exchange and unexpected meetings for the development of the community. Topics include the climate and other sustainability-related matters, taxes, the housing market and how to strengthen the Swedish competitive market.

For more information on our participation in Almedalen, please contact Helena Sjöholm, Head of Marketing and Communications.

Sven-Åke Bergkvist
Senior Adviser

Sven-Åke is active in Mannheimer Swartling's practice group for Corporate Taxation, an area of law in which he also specialises.




Carolina Dackö

Carolina is a member of the firm's practice group Corporate Sustainability & Risk Management, and specialises in international trade law.




Jan Dernestam
Managing Partner

Jan is the firm's Managing Partner, and specialises in all kinds of finance law.




Klas Eklund
Senior Economist

Klas is Senior Economist, and assists the firm's employees and clients with strategic advice on a wide range of matters.




Emma Ihre
Head of Sustainability

Emma is Head of Sustainability. She is thus in charge of the strategic sustainability work at the firm.




Helena Sjöholm
Head of Marketing and Communications

Helena is in charge of the Marketing and Communications department, and is also engaged in business development at the firm.




Therese Strömshed

Therese is a member of the firm's Environment practice group, and specialises in energy-, offshore-, and electricity regulatory matters.