October 18, 2013 - News about the firm

“International Arbitration in Sweden – A Practitioner’s Guide” launched; Mannheimer Swartling lawyers contribute

Mannheimer Swartling lawyers with extensive experience in international arbitration have contributed articles and served as editor of the recently launched book, “International Arbitration in Sweden – A Practitioner’s Guide”. The purpose of the book, written by a number of eminent practitioners and published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, is to provide a practical guide to international arbitration in Sweden, whether ad hoc or institutional.

Sweden is one of only a handful of countries where the international arbitral process has reached a stage where the jurisprudence is replete with cases involving no local parties at all. The book illuminates the many elements of practice and procedure in international arbitration in Sweden. It exposes a trove of pertinent references to important dispositions that have in recent decades been generated by the stream of major international arbitrations conducted in Sweden.

Mannheimer Swartling partner Jakob Ragnwaldh is a board member of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) and one of the book’s four editors, serving with a group which includes two other members of the SCC Board as well as the Secretary General of the SCC.

Mannheimer Swartling partner Dr. Nils Eliasson, who is based in Hong Kong, has contributed a chapter entitled, “Stockholm as a Forum for Investment Arbitration”. As the title implies, the chapter provides a broad overview of issues relating to Stockholm and the SCC as a forum for investment arbitration.

Mannheimer Swartling partners Stefan Brocker and Kristoffer Löf, based in Göteborg and Stockholm, respectively, have co-authored a chapter entitled, “The Proceedings”. This chapter deals with the conduct of an arbitration in Sweden, from its commencement to its termination. The comprehensiveness of this chapter is the result of teamwork and a number of associates at Mannheimer Swartling have contributed with research and assistance, including Marcus Berglie, Maria Bouvin, Azadeh Razani, Helena Sjöholm and Oskar Wrede.

The book is intended to serve as an incomparable source for disputing parties or anyone called upon to act as arbitrator or counsel, or in any other capacity in an international arbitration in Sweden.

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