January 20, 2009 - News about the firm

Human Rights session at Mannheimer Swartling

The third consecutive international session for practising lawyers entitled, “Developing a Human Rights Tool Box” is being held from 21-28 January at Mannheimer Swartling's office in Stockholm.

This year’s session will focus on three main themes: Fair Trial, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Human Rights in Conflicts.

This international session is a joint venture initiative founded by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Mannheimer Swartling. The collaboration is an effort to merge the extensive practical experiences of a major Swedish law firm that has a firm commitment to human rights with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute's experience in development co-operation and expertise in the international system for the protection of human rights.

The list of participants includes over 20 international practising lawyers from a number of jurisdictions around the globe, e.g. Malawi, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Georgia, El Salvador, and Laos, as well as a number of lawyers from Mannheimer Swartling’s offices in Sweden and Germany.

During the course of the international session, the participants will engage in workshops, attend lectures and visit Swedish institutions such as the Bar Association. They will also have an opportunity socialize and share experiences during their week together.