October 8, 2015 - News about the firm

Human rights course being held in co-operation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute brings together lawyers from Malawi to Mongolia

For the ninth year in a row, Mannheimer Swartling and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute are conducting a week-long seminar, “Developing a Human Rights Tool Box”, for international practising lawyers. The course is taking place this year from 4–9 October at Mannheimer Swartling’s office in Stockholm. This year’s seminar has two sub-themes within the central theme of human rights: fair trial and sustainability.

The lawyers involved in this year’s programme come from countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Honduras, Malawi, Mongolia, Turkey and Thailand. During the week, they participate in seminars, workshops and lectures on fair trial and sustainability, within the context of the central theme, human rights. In addition, there is also time for visiting the Swedish Bar Association and a District Court, socialising and exchanging experiences. The aim of the project is to support lawyers around the world who are working to strengthen the protection of human rights by jointly developing a “toolbox” that enables and develops the participants’ human rights work.

The seminars and workshops are led by representatives from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Mannheimer Swartling, Centrum för rättvisa (Center for Justice), the MacArthur Justice Center at the University of Mississippi School of Law, and International Bridges to Justice of India, as well as delegates from several major Swedish companies.

Mannheimer Swartling’s co-operation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute falls within the framework of the firm’s work on sustainability. Since this co-operation was established in 2007, over 70 lawyers from 25 countries have participated in the programme. Learn more about our pro bono projects.