May 22, 2008

New office in Stockholm and a new home page

After having been at the same address for the last 12 years, it is time for the firm’s Stockholm office to move on. The new office has a central location in Stockholm on Norrlandsgatan and meets the firm’s demand for larger and more suitable office space.

In co-operation with the property owner Diligentia and architects from Strategisk Arkitektur Mannheimer Swartling has designed a unique office for the local market. The office offers possibilities for expansion, is flexible and meets the demands for project orientated work. It facilitates team and project work through the latest technical equipment, appropriately equipped meeting places and conference rooms suited for specific projects and due diligencework. The office also contains functions such as an auditorium holding 96 people, a restaurant for clients and employees and a gym.

During last year, an extensive review of the firm’s brand was performed in co-operation with an independent consultant, Karin O´Connor. The firm’s new Stockholm office is in line with the results of these efforts and mirrors the firm’s new brand platform and graphic profile, designed by Dolhem Design. The review of the brand also resulted in a new expression of the firm, new colour palette and new pictorial language. To reinforce and revitalise the firm’s communication, a new symbol has also been created.

Central location
The new office is one of Stockholm’s most attractive workplaces. It meets the employees’ requests for a central and easily accessible location, facilitates discussions between specialists within different practice and industry sector groups.

The office also facilitates the firm’s work environmental. For instance, it is mainly equipped with Swedish materials, has a modern operating system and other amenities to limit electricity consumption and appropriate procedures for recycling of waste materials.  

New home page
In connection with it’s move to a new office in Stockholm, the firm is also launching a new home page. The new home page aims to create a relevant, user friendly, and informative space on the internet. The page has an improved structure and increased focus on the central content of the page. It also contains a better suited form of categorisation and presentation of information and user friendly search functions. The design and choice of pictures on the home page is based on the firm’s new graphic profile which was designed last year as part of the firm’s brand review.

Move in Frankfurt
In April, the firm’s office in Frankfurt also changed its address to the centrally located Bockenheimer Landstraße. The office is located on the 21st and 22nd floors in a well-known building from where the firm’s clients and employees can enjoy a fantastic view of  Frankfurt’s unique skyline and neighbouring mountains. Banks and other institutions are within walking distance from the office and Frankfurt’s airport and central station are easily accessible. The firm’s new office in Frankfurt is thus an ideal meeting place for participants on the German market which is Sweden’s largest trading partner.