November 29, 2012

Mannheimer Swartling informs about TeliaSonera assignment

In early October, Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå and Biörn Riese were appointed to conduct a review of TeliaSonera’s highly publicised investment in Uzbekistan.

The assignment had been preceded by speculation and allusions in the media that the business transactions may have been conducted in a questionable manner.

As the assignment has generated considerable media attention, Biörn Riese has reported on the review process on Mannheimer Swartling’s website.


Update from 22 January 2013

TeliaSonera investigation to be presented 1 February

A schedule has now been set regarding how Mannheimer Swartling’s legal review of TeliaSonera’s business in Uzbekistan will be presented. TeliaSonera’s board will have the report presented to them by Biörn Riese on Thursday evening, 31 January, and the report will be presented in its entirety to the media, the following morning, Friday, 1 February.

Contact has taken place with the individuals and authorities, in Uzbekistan and other countries outside of Sweden, that we expected to get information from. This means that the last of many scheduled interviews can now be completed and Mannheimer Swartling’s legal review of TeliaSonera’s business transactions in Uzbekistan is thus nearing the finish line.

Biörn Riese, who is responsible for the review, has set a preliminary date for TeliaSonera’s board to receive a presentation of the findings and to hand over the report to them.

“I have long compared this review to solving a jigsaw puzzle,” says Biörn Riese. “And if we continue with that metaphor, we now have a good idea of what the puzzle depicts.”

The process thus far can be divided into three main areas:

  • Collection of information and facts, of which approximately 90% has now been completed.
  • Analysis, of which approximately 90% has now been completed.
  • Writing the report, of which approximately 90% has now been completed.

At the time of writing, it is assumed that TeliaSonera’s board will have the investigation presented to them on the evening of Thursday, 31 January. This will also be the first time that the board gains access to any of the findings from the investigation that Biörn Riese and his colleagues have been working on since 3 October.

“If nothing very unexpected happens, we will be able to keep this schedule. While we are in fact still waiting for a few responses, we have so much information at this point that we can provide a depiction of the events and analyse the legal questions regarding the establishment of TeliaSonera in Uzbekistan,” says Biörn Riese.

On Friday, 1 February, the day after TeliaSonera receives the results, Biörn Riese will then present the investigation – in its entirety – at a press conference at Mannheimer Swartling.

The exact time and place of the press conference at Mannheimer Swartling will be communicated the day before the event.

If you are a journalist and want to assure yourself of a place at the press conference, or if you would like to receive information about the location and time, please contact Helena Sjöholm,


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