Sustainability in day-to-day operations

Mannheimer Swartling's advice on risk management and compliance measures can be divided into three phases: (i) risk analysis, (ii) designing measures, and (iii) implementation. Our approach to each of these phases follows international guidelines on compliance.

We aid our clients in identifying risks and opportunities relating to what type of operations that a company conducts and how these operations are carried out. In order to understand a company's ability to prevent and manage risk, we may analyse the organisation from multiple angles including a study of leadership by executive management, governance and policy documents, existing procedures for risk management and reporting, as well as risk awareness among the company's employees. We also analyse the company's business, its products and services, the markets where its operations are conducted, and its value chain. Key areas include human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption, privacy and personal data, sanctions and export control, product compliance, and competition law.

Based on the risk analysis, we help our clients design and implement measures tailored to their specific needs. This may include policy documents, internal guidelines, processes and procedures, and creating awareness through internal communication and training. We help our clients to develop, implement, and review codes of conduct, subject-specific policy documents, guidelines for third-party control, and whistleblowing programmes. We also advise on the monitoring, follow-up, and evaluation of companies' preventive and proactive action programmes, as well as on regulatory requirements on sustainability reports.