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We go where our clients go. Mannheimer Swartling offers advice on markets that are of strategic importance to our clients. Outside the Nordic region this is done partly through our own offices, partly through regional desks and also through collaboration with other leading law firms. Our ambition is to be a go-to partner as our clients step out into the world – regardless of the market – while at the same time being able to assist foreign clients in the Nordic region.

As a part of Mannheimer Swartling's full service offer, we monitor events abroad that are important to our clients and that affect their business. To this end, we have established offices in markets of strategic significance to our clients. Our operations are handled through offices in Sweden, Russia, Singapore and the US. In addition, the firm also has an office in Brussels focusing on matters relating to the EU and competition law.

Both Swedish and foreign lawyers work in our offices abroad. This creates an effective combination of Swedish business expertise and local knowledge when it comes to legal advice. In markets where we do not have an office but which are of great importance to our clients, we have established regional desks. Our China/APAC desk monitor developments and provide our clients with tailored advice based on the local context and a broad and unique network of contacts among local legal firms.

A broad, international network of contacts and close partnerships with other leading law firms around the world are important to be able to provide our clients with the best tailored advice. Our staff often work in teams together with lawyers from these firms on different projects and cases. An assignment is tailored to the client’s wishes and can be carried out as a shared assignment by the firms involved under the leadership of Mannheimer Swartling.

As an independent legal firm, Mannheimer Swartling is not bound to any association of firms. Being independent means we are always able to engage or recommend the best law firm for the current assignment, even in countries where the firm has no operations of its own.

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Mannheimer Swartling is Sweden’s largest business law firm and has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In total, the Swedish offices have approximately 300 lawyers. Our local presence means that we are intimately acquainted with regional developments. It also means that our local offices are able to focus on the legal fields which are prevalent in the region in question. But most of all, it enables us to be close to our Swedish clients, which we believe is of decisive importance for long-term co-operation.

In 1990 Mannheimer Swartling became the very first European law firm to open an office in what was then the Soviet Union. Activities were at first primarily related to litigation and arbitration but soon broadened and now cover most areas of business law. Our office in Moscow, which employs both Russian and Swedish lawyers, is, like all of our offices, fully integrated into the firm, and its lawyers have full access to the resources and experience of the whole firm. Mannheimer Swartling has an extensive knowledge of the Russian market and its business climate. Most of our clients are large companies, banks and investors based in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, as well as their Russian subsidiaries. The arbitration practice also works with some of Russia’s largest corporate groups.

In close co-operation with EU and competition law specialists located at other offices, the Brussels office provides expert advice on all areas of EU law, including competition law, merger control, anti-dumping, free movement of goods, public procurement and state aid. The lawyers in Brussels represent clients before the European Commission and EU courts in all types of matters, and have close contact with the relevant EU institutions. This enables us to assist our clients quickly and to react swiftly to changes in law or policy.

Mannheimer Swartling’s lawyers in New York have many years’ experience of the complex US legal system and business environment. The office assists Scandinavian clients doing business in the United States or when they otherwise need advice on US law. American clients are offered a primary source of contact without the burden of geographical distance or time zone differences. Mannheimer Swartling’s lawyers in New York are engaged in matters ranging from initial establishments to complex acquisitions and project management of US litigations.

Singapore is an important hub for major investments and business negotiations and continues to attract an ever increasing number of international disputes. Mannheimer Swartling's Singapore office, situated adjacent to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and the world leading International Court of Arbitration (ICC), serves as the hub for the firm's dispute resolution practice in Asia. The Dispute Resolution team in Singapore is fully integrated with the firm's Dispute Resolution practice group in Sweden and Moscow, as well as with the rest of the firm's lawyers. For large and complex cases that require special local expertise, the firm also benefits from its well-established network of local law firms in Singapore. Our integrated way of working and our local presence enables us to deliver top-tier legal advice to our clients. The Singapore office also offers a much appreciated opportunity for the firm's lawyers to work and practice abroad.

Mannheimer Swartling's China/APAC desk advises clients who are already active in the region or who are interested in doing business there. The group is composed of Swedish and Chinese lawyers with long and extensive experience from China / APAC and focuses primarily on the legal and business environment there. Our offering includes advice within e.g. foreign direct investments, establishments and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, commercial agreements, risk and crisis management, sustainability and compliance, dispute resolution and strategic advice. Beyond its legal expertise, the group also has the linguistic, cultural and practical experience required within the region. Thanks to the firm's long presence in the region, we are well acquainted with the leading law firms in China / APAC and join forces with them as and when needed.

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