Industry sectorEnergy and Natural Resources

Recently, the energy sector has been in greater focus and its players have been meeting new demands from several areas.

Globalisation, EU cooperation, climate change, alternative energy, tax laws, new financial instruments, social aspects in the form of demands for secure electrical and heat supply, as well as technological developments are affecting all players in the energy sector and requiring adaptation.

Mannheimer Swartling’s energy sector group comprises a number of lawyers and associates and is represented at all of the firm’s offices. The group focuses on the energy sector in a broad sense, including production, distribution, marketing and sales of oil, gas, electricity, heating and cooling, and related issues. Our employees have broad and in-depth experience in most issues affecting companies active in the energy sector.

The group has broad expertise in regulatory affairs, including permits and registration in accordance with the Environmental Code and permits based on EU legal acts. For further details, please see this link.

The group is particularly skilled in the area of energy disputes and is regularly engaged as counsel in major international disputes concerning, among other matters, re-negotiation of gas supply agreements and production sharing agreements. For furher details, please see this link.

By combining the firm’s expertise in the energy sector with its expertise in transactions, the firm is regularly engaged in connection with international and domestic energy transactions. Examples of energy transactions where the firm has acted as advisor are shown below.

Because the energy group is continuously updated on developments in the sector and new circumstances, both from a commercial and legal perspective, we are able to offer clients the best advice. The composition of the energy group spans many of the specialist disciplines and operational groups that form the organisational backbone of the firm, allowing members of the group to ensure that energy sector clients rapidly receive sufficient assistance in all areas of business law.

Our work regularly involves handling matters related to the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions specifically relating to the energy sector
  • Specific energy-, financial- and tax-regulatory issues related to start-ups on the Swedish energy market
  • Production and delivery agreements, including disputes relating to such agreements
  • Tax matters, where our firm has extensive experience and expertise from various fuel tax and energy tax issues
  • Environmental permit issues relating to establishments and reconstructions of production resources
  • Regulatory advice in relation to the electricity and natural gas sector and for nuclear technology
  • Price regulation; for example the new price regulation in the Electricity Act for the tariffs charged by grid operators for the transmission or distribution of electricity
  • Antitrust law, relating to for instance acquisitions, compliance programs and strategic joint ventures
  • Financing issues specifically relating to the energy sector
  • Construction projects and building permits, specifically relating to the energy sector
  • Disputes in the Swedish courts, as well as international arbitrations (the firm being widely acknowledged for its extensive experience from energy-related disputes in the former Soviet republic countries)