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Our lawyers work seamlessly across offices, which means that every office in Sweden has full access to the collective resources of the firm and the capacity to handle several major matters in parallel. To guarantee our clients the best possible advice and the highest possible quality, we view each individual assignment as an assignment for the entire firm.

Our regional presence in Sweden allows us to offer informed insights into local developments. It also means that our local offices have the ability to adapt their expertise to focus on the industries represented within the region.

In keeping with the increasingly global nature of our practice, we are present in a number of markets outside of Sweden that are of particular strategic importance to our clients. Our Brussels office advises on EU matters generally, and our offices in Germany, Russia, China and the US add a multi-jurisdictional aspect to our practice unique in the Nordic region.

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Mannheimer Swartling is Sweden’s largest business law firm and has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg. In total, the Swedish offices have approximately 300 lawyers. Our local presence means that we are intimately acquainted with regional developments. It also means that our local offices are able to focus on the legal fields which are prevalent in the region in question. But most of all, it enables us to be close to our Swedish clients, which we believe is of decisive importance for long-term co-operation.

Germany has long been Sweden’s most important trading partner for both export and import. And Mannheimer Swartling has long been the only large Scandinavian business law firm in Germany, continuously having a substantial share of the Nordic-German legal market. For more than 20 years, our offices in Germany have worked with Nordic clients operating in Germany and German clients operating in Sweden. As a result, our lawyers have a unique insight into both the German and Nordic legal systems and business cultures, and are specifically skilled at working on matters between these two countries.

Our German practice focuses on the core areas General Corporate (including small-cap M&A and business establishment), Real Estate, Dispute Resolution and Employment. In connection with M&A and real estate transactions, we also provide complementary services in the fields of Banking and Finance, Competition and Environment.

Our firm’s German business is run from two offices, one in Frankfurt and one in Berlin. All of our German lawyers have international work experience, are educated in Germany and hold the title Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law). Most of them speak Swedish or other Nordic languages. The German offices work closely and in integrated teams with our Swedish and other offices, in most of which we have additional lawyers with German backgrounds, degrees or education or at least good knowledge of the German language.

From our German offices, we also maintain good contacts with leading law firms in Germany and its bordering countries, in particular Switzerland and Austria. The type and range of cases conducted by our German offices underline Mannheimer Swartling’s continued strong position with Nordic companies operating in Germany, which is widely is recognised by relevant rankings and guides.If you would like to have more information about our German offices and their range of services, please contact us.

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In 1990 Mannheimer Swartling became the very first European law firm to open an office in what was then the Soviet Union. Activities were at first primarily related to litigation and arbitration but soon broadened and now cover most areas of business law. Our office in Moscow, which employs both Russian and Swedish lawyers, is, like all of our offices, fully integrated into the firm, and its lawyers have full access to the resources and experience of the whole firm. Mannheimer Swartling has an extensive knowledge of the Russian market and its business climate. Most of our clients are large companies, banks and investors based in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, as well as their Russian subsidiaries. The arbitration practice also works with some of Russia’s largest corporate groups.

In 2007, Mannheimer Swartling opened offices in both Shanghai and Hong Kong and several experienced professionals were recruited. Currently, the firm has about 15 professionals stationed in China, providing services mainly to clients from the Nordic region (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway). The firm’s offices in China focus primarily on the commercial and legal environment in China including foreign direct investments, business establishments and acquisitions, restructuring of existing investments, regulatory and compliance, dispute resolution, and banking and finance.

The firm’s Hong Kong office also provides services such as providing a company secretary for a large number of clients as well as assisting with trade mark applications in Hong Kong and China. The firm’s Hong Kong office has an international arbitration team. The team in Hong Kong is fully integrated into the rest of the firm’s global arbitration practice enabling it to draw from the firm’s experience and resources wherever they may be.

What others say about us in Chambers and Partners Asia-Pacific Guide 2015:

“Respected China arm of the leading Swedish firm. Focused on serving Scandinavian clients in relation to the establishment and ongoing needs of their Chinese businesses, as well as their investments into the country.”

“Their Chinese offices are very good, and are certainly a good choice for international work - it runs seamlessly, and they have a coherent culture and approach across their offices."

"They are extremely professional and very fast, and also extremely pleasant to deal with."

In close co-operation with EU and competition law specialists located at other offices, the Brussels office provides expert advice on all areas of EU law, including competition law, merger control, anti-dumping, free movement of goods, public procurement and state aid. The lawyers in Brussels represent clients before the European Commission and EU courts in all types of matters, and have close contact with the relevant EU institutions. This enables us to assist our clients quickly and to react swiftly to changes in law or policy.

Mannheimer Swartling’s lawyers in New York have many years’ experience of the complex US legal system and business environment. The office assists Scandinavian clients doing business in the United States or when they otherwise need advice on US law. American clients are offered a primary source of contact without the burden of geographical distance or time zone differences. Mannheimer Swartling’s lawyers in New York are engaged in matters ranging from initial establishments to complex acquisitions and project management of US litigations.

Mannheimer Swartling’s Africa Group has 15 years of experience of working in different African countries. The firm has developed a unique network of law firms in countries such as Angola, Benin, Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The goal of the Africa Desk is to assist clients in matters relating to Africa and help with local contacts.