SustainabilityEthics and regulatory compliance

Ethics and regulatory compliance are embodied within our core value quality and are of great importance, both in our day-to-day tasks and in the long-term development of the firm and our legal advice. Since we operate in several countries, we must ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the relevant countries. In addition, we are continuously making strategic and ethical judgements beyond these minimum requirements to achieve the best quality possible and always act according to the firms values. Mannheimer Swartling was the first law firm in the Nordic region to establish a dedicated department for quality and risk management (QRM), which today – a decade later – has around ten employees.


  • To continuously develop the firms policies and processes for ethics and compliance to ensure high quality and instil long-term confidence.
  • To ensure that all employees understand and comply with the firms values and ethical rules.

Activities planned for 2015–2016

  • Continue the work on data security, including the important work to prevent cyber risks (threats against IT security) and implement an online training course within this area for all employees.
  • Develop and implement an online training programme on anti-corruption for all employees.
  • Continue to develop the training efforts regarding applicable rules and good conduct for lawyers, including a new policy for conflicts of interest and other ethical and strategic standpoints.
  • To adapt and further develop anti-money laundering measures, due to the upcoming legislative changes.
  • Develop and implement a whistleblowing system for internal reporting.
  • Evaluate and develop all of the firms policies from a sustainability perspective.