SustainabilityThe firm’s internal sustainability work

SustainabilityLong-term value creation

As a knowledge-based company, Mannheimer Swartling is wholly dependent on the professional qualities and personal skills of its employees. Consequently, recruiting the most talented employees and then developing and retaining them is absolutely key to the firm’s future.

The firm’s corporate culture, including the True Partnership model and our core values quality, team spirit and business focus, is important as it enables our employees to thrive, develop and perform without internal competition.

Ethics and regulatory compliance are embodied within our core value “quality“ and are of great importance, both in our day-to-day tasks and in the long-term development of the firm and our legal advice. Since we operate in several countries, we must ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the relevant countries. In addition, we are continuously making strategic and ethical

judgements beyond these minimum requirements to achieve the best quality possible and always act according to the firms values. Mannheimer Swartling was the first law firm in the Nordic region to establish a dedicated department for quality and risk management (QRM), which today – a decade later – has around ten employees.

For Mannheimer Swartling, a sustainable business model means setting a good example when it comes to contributing to a better environment by reducing our own negative impact

on the environment and also by influencing the stakeholders with whom the firm interacts on a daily basis to also reduce their negative impact on the environment.