Mannheimer Swartling in SocietyPro bono

Mannheimer Swartling is characterised by a work environment that encourages employees to get involved as volunteers, contributing with knowledge and time to social issues. The firm takes social responsibility in its daily work by offering legal services of the highest ethical and professional standards.  

Centre for Justice
Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for Justice) supports the rights of individuals through litigation and by participating in the public debate on human rights. Its tools are the rights and freedoms as protected in legislation, constitutions, the European Convention on Human Rights and EU law. In practice, this involves examining injustices, informing individuals about their rights and acting as counsel in legal proceedings. The cases in question would often not be tried otherwise, either because the victims are unaware of their rights or lack the financial means to pursue them. Centrum för rättvisa levels out the playing-field against powerful counterparts. The firm contributes legal advice. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Robin Oldenstam and Kristoffer Löf.

Good Malmö
Good Malmö is a cooperation initiative between the Malmö business community, the foundation Uppstart Malmö, the City of Malmö and Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish unemployment agency) with the aim of reducing youth unemployment in the Malmö region. To achieve this, each participating company offers proper employment to one person, for one year. The firm contributes legal advice. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Per Åsbrink and Anna Bryngelsson.

Human Rights Tool Box
Human Rights Tool Box is a seven-day course carried out as a joint initiative between Mannheimer Swartling and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (“RWI”), an institute affiliated with Lund University. The course aims to promote the development of democracy, human rights and the establishment of a functioning legal system for citizens and companies in all parts of the world. All participants specialise in human rights and are committed to the development of the legal systems in their respective countries. All participants have been practising for an extensive period and are considered to have some influence on the development of and impact on the rule of law in their home countries. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Michael Karlsson.

My Special Day
Min Stora Dag (My Special Day) is a Swedish fundraising foundation that makes dreams come true for Swedish children and youngsters with serious illnesses and diagnoses. The association was founded in 2000 and is entirely dependent on contributions from companies, private individuals and foundations. The firm contributes legal advice. The firm’s participation is managed by Biörn Riese, who is also the chairman of the board of Min Stora Dag.

Open House
Open House is a non-profit association using mentor programmes and other activities that promote, support and encourage young adults in finding jobs and continuing their studies. Through various activities, the organisation is seeking to instil hope for the future, motivation and positive development in the participating young adults. The firm provided legal advice when the association was founded and has acted as the association’s secretary of the board ever since. In addition to acting as a secretary at board meetings and annual general meetings, the firm regularly advises the association. As a member, the firm also contributes mentors. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Emma Olnäs Fors, who is also the secretary of the board of Open House.

Race for the Baltic
Race for the Baltic was founded in 2013 by Zennström Philantropies. Race for the Baltic is a cross-sectorial cooperation platform aiming to induce collective and political action and stimulate innovation for a healthy Baltic Sea. As a step in these efforts, Race for the Baltic instigated the Baltic Sea City Accelerator Programme, which creates a cooperation platform for municipalities, financiers and global experts who are prominent within environmental work focused on the Baltic Sea. The firm’s commitment involves identifying the requirements of each municipality and, at a later stage, project managing the compilation of materials and business plan development for each municipality, in cooperation with representatives of BCG, Ramböll, GE, Louis Berger Group and the academia (including Stockholm University, Stockholm Environment Institute and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is managed by Tomas Johansson.

The Charity Foundation RAOUL, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, supports youngsters raised at orphanages and boarding schools as well as other unemployed young people with special needs from Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region. RAOUL’s objective is to help youngsters with a difficult social background to achieve an independent and self-sustainable adult life. This involves various social support activities and not the least job matching by professional recruiters and job coaches. RAOUL cooperates with over 100 publicly financed social and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and a number of socially responsible companies and businesses that contribute with financing, employment opportunities and mentors for the youngsters. The firm was involved already in the foundation of RAOUL and has been represented in the board ever since. In addition the firm contributes with legal advice on a regular basis. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Åsa Hansdotter who is also a member of RAOUL’s board together with Anna Sukharina and Sven Lexner. 

Rapid Acceleration Management Program
The Rapid Acceleration Management Program (RAMP) was launched in 2016 and is a training programme at the Stockholm School of Economics aiming to increase the diversity within the Swedish business community and to increase competitiveness through more inclusive community development. The training programme will help to accelerate integration and during one year newly arrived academic refugees are offered intensive management training for ten weeks including an internship at a company that operates in Sweden. The firm contributes with legal advice. Mannheimer Swartling’s participation is led by Adam Green.  

SOS Children’s Villages
SOS Children's Villages is present in 134 countries and territories. The organisation has established and is operating children’s villages, schools, vocational schools, social centres, medical clinics and family-strengthening programmes all over the world. Mannheimer Swartling has cooperated with SOS Children’s Villages Sweden for many years, contributing legal advice and financial aid to SOS Children’s Villages operations. We also have a contribution-matching programme that benefits SOS Children’s Villages, which means that we match any child sponsorship contributions our employees make to the organisation. The firm has also been making Christmas donations to SOS Children’s Villages since 2010. Mannheimer Swartling’s efforts are led by Michael Karlsson, who is also the chairman of the board of SOS Children’s Villages Sweden and a board member of SOS Kinderdorf International.