SustainabilityOrganisation and employees

As a knowledge-based business we are dependent on the performance of our employees. Attracting the best individuals and then developing and retaining them is central to the future of the firm. A long-term perspective pervades everything we do, particularly when it comes to the development of our employees. Our corporate culture, embodying the True Partnership model, plays an important role since it affords our employees increased opportunities to thrive, develop and perform without internal competition. There are no individual incentives, which enhances the sense of belonging to a team.


  • Equality: increase the proportion of female partners
  • Working method: enable employees to create a balance between their professional and private lives


  • Mapping of the underlying reasons why fewer women than men become partners – the intention is to map these reasons through interviews and analyses
  • Offering terms and tools that enable employees to find a balance between their professional and private lives through, for example, continued analysis of more efficient working methods and training in stress management
  • Developing tailored leadership training programmes for partners and associates