SustainabilityLegal advice and Mannheimer Swartling in the community

Sustainability shall form a natural part of our legal advice and be integrated into all of our areas of operations. We are the first law firm in Sweden to offer clients structured advice in the area of anti-corruption. We also encourage our employees to develop their expertise and insight on the commercial importance of sustainability issues for the firm through their pro bono work.


  • Legal advice: to integrate sustainability into our counsel
  • Mannheimer Swartling in the community: to develop, through pro bono counsel, competence, to increase employees’ commitment to and insights into the commercial importance of sustainability issues for the firm

Activities planned for 2013-2014

  • Develop a strategy for how sustainability issues can be integrated into the firm’s different areas of operations
  • Partnership with CSR Sweden/Academy for Human Rights in Business
  • Broaden commitment by creating incentives for pro bono work in the organisation so that more people commit to such work
  • Establish a structure for the selection, organisation, and measurement and follow-up of pro bono commitments and create clearer methods for the assessment of projects