SustainabilityEthics and regulatory compliance

Ethics and regulatory compliance are embodied within our core value “quality” and are of great importance, both in our day-to-day tasks, as well as in the long-term development of the firm and our legal advice. Since we operate in several countries, we must ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in those countries. In addition, we are continuously making strategic and ethical judgements beyond these minimum requirements to achieve the best quality possible. One example of this is that we were the first law firm in the Nordic region to establish a special department for quality and risk management when we did so in 2005.


  • Continuous development of the firm’s ethical and regulatory compliance policies and processes to safeguard long-term confidence
  • Enable all employees to understand and follow the firm’s values and ethical regulations

Activities planned

  • Develop data security policy as a complement to the current IT security policy
  • Introduce an interactive, web-based anti-corruption training programme for all employees and to continuously follow up and measure participation
  • Identifying, developing and assessing the firm’s internal policies from a sustainability perspective