SustainabilityAdvice to clients

Sustainability is a natural part of our advice and it is integrated into all our business areas. By integrating issues related to human rights, labour conditions, the environment and anti-corruption, we help our clients improve their management of risks and business opportunities linked to sustainability.

An area of law like employment law does not only involve the terms and conditions of employees; it is built on a more conceptual understanding and respect for people’s conditions. The firm’s advice within the real estate and construction sectors is not only about environmental sustainability; it also includes issues such as business ethics and diversity. Increasingly, the firm’s real estate clients win procurements based on how well sustainability issues are integrated into the project rather than because they offered the lowest price. Consequently, it is obvious that the firm’s lawyers must be able to offer knowledge and experience that helps clients think and act in a more long-term manner.

The firm’s internal sustainability effort is a precondition for credible advice and gives our employees more insight into the commercial importance of sustainability issues, thus improving our firm’s advice to clients even more. It is mostly by advising our clients that we create value for people and the environment, as we are given the opportunity to help our clients manage relevant risks more efficiently while pursuing business opportunities linked to strategic sustainability efforts.

As the leading business law firm in the Nordic region, we see it as natural that our advice should keep evolving in a way that allows us to create value for our clients while taking responsibility for a more sustainable future and development.